EC&I 831: 5. Digital Project- There is a very slight light at the end of the tunnel

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Having been fortunate enough to do a lot of travelling around the world which has helped me to learn that what should be a normal trip, can quickly become an unforeseen challenging adventure.  I also know that a trip is easily chunked into 3 categories: the journey to the destination, the destination, and the return home.

When deciding upon helping a grade eight teacher and her students to become bloggers for my final project, I thought that this journey would be a fun and educational trip, with a few bumps here and there. Unfortunately, if you had seen me yesterday morning, this blogging journey had me exploding like a furious volcano.  WHY????  Because, it has taken 2 months for this project to simply arrive at the leg of the journey: the destination- students being able to blog.

It seemed every time I thought I had all the students connected to the classroom blog, I had a few lost in cyberspace.  Though I had a lot support from my personal learning network which included colleagues, acquaintances made via my EC&I 831 class such as Sue Waters, and friends who set-up blogs for a living, I finally realized that receiving support in the form of print was not what I needed.  I needed to have a conversation and be shown where and why things were going wrong and how to fix them once and for all.

Yesterday, my friend and co-worker, Lindsay Morhart who has also taken this class and  has successfully set up student blogs, linked her computer screen to mine.  First, I showed her how I had gone about successfully setting up 16 out of the 18 students and how the remaining students, no matter what I did would not link  to the classroom blog.  After an hour of working together, she finally decided that enough was enough and that she would sign them up using her gmail account.  She had learned that one could use their gmail to create fake student emails.  What you do is you use your gmail address and add + student name@gmail.com.  In this situation, Lindsay received the emails from Edublogs that contained the students username, password and login access code.

FINALLY after two months, and MANY hours of frustration all of the students are connected to the classroom blog.

Now that we have arrived, our next leg of the journey begins- writing posts, commenting on the posts of others, embedding videos, pictures, links… I just hope I have enough energy left to continue on this journey…


I would love to share the blog site with you, however at the request of the parents, this blog can only be accessed by those who are members.  The members have have been limited to students, teachers and family.



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