EC&I 831: 3. Digital Project- The blogging journey nightmare

I feel as though I am living in a blogging nightmare.  I am having trouble breathing, I am exhausted, sweaty, and I am sitting on edge waiting for the next ghoul to jump out at me…

Courtesy of Jose Maria Miñarro Vivancos

The week following the first lesson…

Most permission slips were received.  I started creating student blogs to the teacher’s blog as sites, which was what the video had said. Once finished, I viewed the site and all names where present under the blog roll.  Perfect! I then thought I had better click on one of the names to see that indeed it took me to the student’s blog.

Nope!  I found myself looking at a page that read “ERROR”.  Ok, well to have everything work out perfectly the first go around would be a little much to expect.  I referred back to the video, double checked all my steps and came to the same conclusion- I had done it right!

I called one of my tech co-workers over to see if he could provide me with some assistance.  After patiently going through my blogging codes, steps and watching the video himself, he realized that a step in the video had been missed and that I would have to start everything again.

Alright, it could be worse.  I set to work again.  Inserting user names, copying and pasting student emails, clicking here, clicking there. And voila!  The student’s all had their very own blog, but now there was no longer a blog role on the main page.  It was a good thing I had my tech consultant’s number on speed dial.

Again he examined the website and all that I the steps I had taken, but because I had pressed the update button, upon his recommendation, it seemed our steps in the video were no longer current and that I would have to redo the whole thing again!!! Not one word is a lie- I swear!

3 times is the charm.  I set every student up with their own blog that was indeed connected to the teacher’s main page.  I even created myself as a student so that I could know how they would be logging in. Each student that was a part of this blog site was sent a link, a user name and password to the email they had provided me.  Great! Ready for lesson 2!

The plan for lesson 2: students would be logging into their blog, learning how to change their passwords, learning how to change the appearance of their blog site, and if time allowed, creating their first page “All about Me”.

What I did not anticipate was: the number of students that would forget the password to the email they had given me, that one of the two emails that WordPress sent out about the user names and passwords would end up in their Junk Box, and that a few of the students would come to me that day saying that they could not have their first name on the blog site (even though this was a question on the letter sent home).

What was supposed to be a simple lesson on day 2 became the beginning of the blogging journey nightmare…



3 thoughts on “EC&I 831: 3. Digital Project- The blogging journey nightmare

  1. Oh no! Keep battling through – you’ll get them there. Half the battle is to get them participating.

    Posted by kelseypanko | October 31, 2013, 1:53 am
  2. Keep going, if you reach the prize too easily you don’t appreciate. Just think how gratifying it will be when all the blogs are up and running smoothly!

    Posted by Daphne | November 30, 2013, 1:46 pm
    • You are always right Daphne! What I look forward to most is seeing students take their learning and make it their own by twisting it up, questioning it, comparing and contrasting it to what they already knew. I equally look forward to the students saying “hey, I could blog about that”.

      Posted by amandahassen | November 30, 2013, 6:39 pm

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