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EC&I 831 weekly reflections, Posts November 2013

Challenge = Change


Challenge change you.

I found this quote to be quite fitting for my love hate relationship with blogging.  The challenges I have encountered with creating and maintaining this blog have indeed changed me.  I have a better appreciation for those who blog, as well, I have better understanding of myself as a learner.  Through my blogging challenges, I now know that I need to play first before I can understand instructions.

Inspired by classmate Jackie Sakatch, I have decided to change up my blog by adding some new pages such as a Professional Development Page.  I have learned that in order for me to truly learn, I must take my new acquired learning and make it my own.  Through my Professional Development Page, I will be able to not only share the PD I have done, but also be able to share my reflections.

In addition, I am thinking of adding an Apps Page.  I am continually learning about new apps, such as coLARMix shared by classmate Shannon Sanchuck, and wondering where would be the best place to house this new information.  And it dawned on me, why not in my blog?

Perhaps I will even start a page for the books I have read and points I have highlighted and don’t want to forget about.  I know I can do something similar on Goodreads, but right now having it all in one location seems easiest… but who knows maybe I will learn something new and this idea will change!

I look forward to the challenge of readjusting the purpose of this blog. Moving from an EC&I 831 assignment to an online journal where I can continue to share my thoughts, questions and learning with others, motivates me to continue on with blogging as I will be able to synthesize and extend my learning.  I also hope that my blog will eventually be one in which people can learn from, as opposed to simply reading about my challenges!




About amandahassen

I have been working in the field of Education for the last 11 years. I am presently working as a Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (CIA) consultant. I am enjoying the research and the collaboration that this jobs entails.


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